Puppy Training


When your puppy comes home it adds so much joy to your life but can also be a bit overwhelming - especially for first time puppy owners!   My training is flexibly delivered so that it fits in with your personal needs.   

Together we can look at your own knowledge and experience with puppies and then work out what training you would benefit from.

My Puppy Training Programme includes:

  • Recommended equipment and training prep (sent prior to session)

  • Nutrition - what's good and what's not (sent prior to session)

  • Understanding the training process - how puppies learn 

  • Essential cues such as 'sit', 'wait', 'stay', 'leave it', 'drop', go on a mat/settle

  • Heel/loose leash walking

  • Recall

  • Socialisation

  • How to walk your puppy (on leash and long-line) 

  • Structuring your walks (enrichment, encouraging your puppy to be with you)

My Puppy Training Programme takes 4 hours* in total  (over 3 sessions) at £40 per hour (*this is a guide) and can be delivered at your home and/or in my acre training field at The Elms.   Clients do not have to pay before the training and commit to more than one session at a time.

During the training sessions we can also have the opportunity to discuss and address normal (but frustrating!) puppy behaviour such as:

  • Housetraining and managing your puppy in the first few months 

  • Mouthing/nipping/chewing/jumping up

  • Understanding the grooming needs of your dog

Bespoke Puppy Training

As well as the full Puppy Training Programme you can choose to select specific topics from the programme and just access one-off training sessions.

All training is followed up with written information including a step-by-step training plan and supporting guidance.   I also offer follow up support by text, email and telephone for trouble-shooting anything we've covered.

Face to face training at The Elms (in my secure acre paddock) or home visit (5 mile radius) £40 per hour

Telephone consultation £25 per hour. 


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