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Dog Training 

For dogs over 5 months of age I offer a variety of training options.  For adolescent dogs that have missed out on training or rehomed dogs we can work through the full Puppy Training Programme (it's never too late to start!)  We can also just focus on specific areas of training to address any issues you're facing. For example if you've not implemented a 'loose leash walking' regime you may now have a dog that generally walks on a tight leash, or drags you to where they want to go!   It's never too late to retrain.

Examples are: 

  • Heel/loose leash walking

  • Recall 

  • Firming up essential cues such 'Sit', 'Wait' 'Stay', 'Leave It' 'Drop It', Going to a Mat

  • Structuring your walk

These are examples, please feel free to discuss your needs with me.

Cost is £40 per hour (at The Elms or within a 5 mile radius)